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Annual Calendar

This is an example only of a potential calendar for one year. It displays a variety of usage options and provides for four maintenance weeks which can be moved to suit owners if required. They may also be used by owners on a rotational basis if maintenance is not required.  It provides for each owner to have two weeks during a typical ski season in July, August and September and one week each during the Summer Season in December, January. The calendar operates on a ‘fair’ system. This means that if you had the Christmas week or New Year’s Eve week one year it is only fair that the other owners have the opportunity to use these weeks in following years. The owners will review the calendar operation at the end of the first year to see where we can make improvements.

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2025-Example Calendar Second Home_edited

This calendar is an example only

Ski Season - 16 weeks for 2025 - 17 June 25 to 6 October 25 = 2 weeks per owner

Summer Season - 2024/2025 - 8 weeks - December and January = 1 week per owner

3 Maintenance weeks - 26 Feb to 3 March. 22 to 28 April. 7 to 13 Oct.

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