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How do I get the weeks I want?

Updated: Feb 13

Ensuring that owners get the weeks they desire is a common concern, and we are here to provide you with a detailed answer. At Second Home, our main priority is to offer all owners an equal opportunity to enjoy their property throughout the year. We diligently prepare calendars of use for our owners six months in advance of each 12-month period. For instance, if a property is set to be ready for occupation by April 2024, we would create the calendar in September 2023.

To begin the process, we kindly request owners who do not have school-age children to consider booking outside of school holiday periods whenever possible. This arrangement allows those with school-age children to have increased access during school breaks. Many of our retired owners prefer to holiday outside of peak times, and this consideration helps create a fair balance.

Once the initial guidelines are established, we ask for your first and second preferences for your first two weeks. After incorporating these preferences into the calendar, we then proceed to collect your choices for the subsequent two weeks, and finally, your last two weeks. Owners have the flexibility to choose one week at a time, two consecutive weeks, or even three to four weeks together, depending on availability.

To ensure equitable distribution of peak winter weeks and summer weeks in Queenstown and Wanaka, we have allocated two weeks per owner during the typical ski season from mid-June to mid-October 2024. Additionally, each owner is entitled to one week during the summer/school holiday period in December and January 2024/2025.

In addition to the designated weeks, we have set aside four weeks for maintenance purposes: 26 February to 3 March, 22 to 28 April, 3 to 9 June, and 7 to 13 October. These weeks can be utilized as extra time or adjusted to suit the needs of the owners.

Once the weeks are allocated, owners have the flexibility to arrange swaps by mutual agreement with fellow owners. Our website,, offers an owner's section where you can easily communicate with other owners and request swaps. This allows for further customization and coordination of preferred weeks.

With eight owners, it is reasonable to expect that some may desire more summer weeks while others may prefer additional winter weeks. This is where swaps become beneficial, enabling owners to align their preferences with the available options. Additionally, the four extra weeks throughout the year for maintenance purposes can be used as additional time and adjusted according to the owners' needs.

It is important to acknowledge that co-ownership requires a certain level of flexibility when selecting weeks, as sharing is the guiding principle. However, based on our 24 years of experience, we have found that the majority of owners end up securing most of the weeks they desire. By booking well in advance, owners increase the likelihood of using their holiday home as planned.

We have prepared an example calendar for 2025 here...

Queenstown Holiday Home views over Lake Wakatipu



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