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The Legal Structure


We have been very careful to provide owners with the utmost security when securing co-ownership in a Second Home holiday home. There are no companies or trusts and this is a 100% ownership program.


The title of each Second Home property is divided into eight owners and each co-ownership share can be owned by up to two people.


For example, a husband and wife can own a share together as tenants in common. Two family members or two friends can own a share together. This ownership structure allows each owner to deal with their asset independently of the other owners. If you want to sell, you simply list with Second Home or with a local real estate agent.

Also, part of the legal documentation is an all-important Partnership Agreement. This document sets out the practical rules of being a good partner and a good neighbour. Each new owner is interviewed for suitability to ensure they are prepared to uphold the standards required to be a Second Home owner and there are measures in place to remove an owner should this unlikely situation arise. We take the Partnership Agreement and its contents very seriously as abiding by these practical rules is paramount to the success of each home.  

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Environmental Impact

In these times of sustainable living and better utilization of resources, co-ownership of a holiday home is a responsible and economical way to own and use this home, whilst caring for the planet and reducing our carbon footprint. We are very proud of the fact that we build one holiday home for eight families to enjoy, therefore lessening our impact on an increasingly fragile environment. 


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