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Sharing your Luxury Holiday Home Dream


The prospect of selling an under used family holiday home, that has provided immeasurable memories over the years, is daunting for many. Second Home is offering existing owners of suitable holiday homes or units in select locations, the ability to sell down equity shares in their holiday home while still retaining part ownership and use of the home. Owners choose how much equity they would like to retain, and we sell the balance by co-ownership. This can be an excellent way to release cash from your holiday home whilst still retaining part ownership and use of it. 



The share economy has evolved exponentially since we started Boatshare Australia in 1999 to the point where it is now an accepted method of owning real estate assets worldwide.

Second Home offers an alternative marketing strategy to outright sales and at a considerably reduced price point. This can speed up the sales process and add valuable alternate marketing to a project from inception to completion.    

Some activities in our locations...

Holiday Home in Queenstown

Magnificent Mountains

Second Home locations - central otago bike tour

Beautiful Biking Trails

Create lifelong memories with your family hike in the routeburn valley

Lifelong Memories


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